We share this ancestral territory with our older brothers Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamos, children of the spiritual mother of the universe and descendants of the ancient Tayrona indigenous people who inhabited these lands for centuries. We learned from them the importance of caring for and preserving all the elements of this territory, in order to connect from love and respect with the nature that surrounds us in a unique and unforgettable experience that we want to share with you.


Cradle of the Tayrona, one of the most monumental and unique civilizations in our territory, this region is today the home and abode of indigenous people of the Kogui, Arhuaco, Kankuamo and Wiwa ethnic groups. Biological diversity is the main value of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, but this wonderful territory also houses archaeological remains of past civilizations (such as the “Lost City”) as well as all the history and ancestral culture of our older brothers. For this reason, in 1979 UNESCO declared the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a “Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.”


In the crystalline and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea it is possible to practice various water sports such as surfing, paddle, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, among others. But beyond these wonderful recreational experiences, at Tay Beach Hotel we want you to allow yourself to establish a spiritual connection with the sea, because the landscape is also a state of the soul. See the immensity of the Caribbean Sea, lose yourself for a few seconds in its vastness and find clarity and peace in the coming and going of the waves of these purifying waters.


We have developed a philosophy of life inspired by the teachings of our older indigenous brothers. From them we learned that nature has a sacred value, so it must be respected and preserved so that the balance of the world is not fragmented. That is why at Tay Beach Hotel we promote and share our learning based on love and respect, with the hope that whoever visits us can live an experience that positively impacts their way of seeing life and their way of living with nature. and with people.


A small and colorful town called Buritaca A little more than 57 km from Santa Marta. In this estuary, the mouth of the Buritaca River meets the salt water of the Caribbean Sea, a particular geographical phenomenon that allows you to enjoy the benefits of fresh water and the beach at the same time. Freshwater waterfalls such as Quebrada Valencia, a wide beach and the incomparable beauty of the landscape make Buritaca a favorite destination among people who visit the area. Going tubing or kayaking on the Buritaca River while watching animals such as monkeys and exotic birds, are some of the many experiences that you can have in this beautiful town.

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