Imagine a paradise that brings together all the energy of the mountains, the wind, the beach, the Caribbean, the sea and ancestral indigenous cultures. For years, Tay Beach has been the cradle of fulfilled dreams, of adventurers looking for the essence of happiness by listening to natural scenarios, finding themselves in an introspective look. We get dressed by a tropical jungle that shelters unbelievable exotic birds. We are coated by the silvery and warm sea sand, ending up bathed by the perfect mixture of the clear water falling from the Sierra Nevada with a twist of the salty seawater provided by the Colombian Caribbean itself.



Our home and hosting is born in one of the foothills of the most important nature reserve in Colombia; the Tayrona Park. It lives under the impetuous look from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, home of the founding brothers of the humanity, millennial indigenous people who in this part of the world are the point of balance between society and Mother Nature. Ensuring respect and love for all the natural elements that surround us. Belief that we adopt to provide a mystical experience.

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