Tay Beach Hotel rests in the middle of the imposing Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, what was once the cradle of the oldest and most important civilizations of pre-Hispanic America, and the thick and wide Caribbean Sea. Our cabins have been designed on the use of all the elements that surround us (beach, sand, palms, coconuts, mountains, and magical nights bathed in luminous stars), taking into account the architecture of our ancestors, who in their masterful designs take advantage of everything mother nature provides.


Our dishes are the mixture of contemporary culinary methods and native cooking, a perfect fusion from wisdom shared by our ancestors to offer a unique and special delight thought of the most demanding taste and those who love to experience new flavors. Colombian cuisine stands out for being the result of the fusion of ancient foods, cultures and traditions to create exquisite dishes.


Take a break in the more than 150 meters of exclusive beach. Read a book, have a cup of hot coffee made with the delicious coffee beans brought from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, or relax with a cold and effervescent beer while you take the sun. Enjoy all the history from our ancestors, tropical landscapes, exotic birds, quiet areas and all what nature has to offer you in a great experience.


Do not let your pet miss the adventure! If you are looking for a Mystical and magical experience without missing your furry friend, we are Pet Friendly *.

Living online and sharing your experiences with the world are reasons to live new adventures, and enjoy Wi-Fi connection with no extra charge.

Our cabins have been designed under a tropical theme inspired by the architecture of antique houses of our neighboring indigenous communities; making use of all the elements nature provides us with all the in-door comforts to give you a pleasant and unique stay.


The sun rises in the Colombian Caribbean and its warm glow ignites an adventurous spark. An energy takes control of your body to begin a unique experience. A cup of coffee and a good book will be the perfect companion to start the day and then get in touch with your inner self in a yoga session while the whispers of the waves take you to that desired relaxation point. Rest in a hammock while the gentle breeze rocks your body and unifies all your thoughts. Take a moment to discover all kinds of exotic birds surrounding the area. What an energizing and bracing plan! Dawn falls, starts fill the sky and the beach wears its best suit of lights along with a bonfire to end the day with a magical plan with the Caribbean’s own seal.

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