The Colombian Caribbean hides great mysteries and is characterized by a unique beauty. This ancestral territory contains a magic that surprises everyone who visits it. It is a unique natural setting that does not disappoint adventurous souls in search of memorable experiences. Discovering nature, gastronomy and ancestral indigenous culture are some of the options you have to connect with this extraordinary destination.


Feel the sand under your bare feet and let the waves purify your spirit. Breathe and contemplate all the beauty that surrounds you. Tour one of the most beautiful beaches in the Colombian Caribbean and let your thoughts fly, let them be free and allow them to explore the infinite sky that shelters this tropical paradise. From the depths of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the water that feeds the most important water basins of the region is born. So also the Buritaca River, which bathes the mountains and then meets the imposing Caribbean Sea. Let yourself be surprised by the mangroves and wildlife that are part of this biodiverse and magical territory.

At dawn, the night gradually begins to take over every corner of Tay Beach Hotel while the starry night dresses in immensity. Dimly lit spotlights and the soft tones emitted by the waves of the sea invite you to a romantic and bohemian evening on the warm sand beach that still keeps the heat of the day that has passed. Lying on our backs we watch shooting stars fall and we play guessing constellations. We have thought of everything so that you can connect with the universe and pay full attention to all the beauty that surrounds you.

One of the great riches of the Tayrona is the ancestral cocoa that has been harvested for many centuries by our ancestors. In our Ancestral Cocoa Tasting you will not only be able to taste different types of artisan chocolate derived from locally produced cocoa beans, but you will also be able to learn everything about this wonderful fruit: its historical importance for the cultures that cultivate it, the sowing process, collection, fermentation and its transformation into edible chocolate. Learn how to create table chocolate as our ancestors did!


We have created a unique space so that in an environment of tranquility and peace you can balance body, mind and soul. At our Aluna Wellness Center you will be able to escape from the routine and get rid of all the energy blockages that do not allow you to flow. Close your eyes, let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves and the Caribbean breeze in our Aluna Wellness Center on the seashore. Find calm and relaxation through meditation sessions, relaxing and therapeutic massages by professional masseurs, spa service, yoga classes, healing rituals and many more activities that will help you regain strength, energy and vitality.

We know that experiences are everything, that’s why Tay Beach Hotel seeks to be more than just a hotel, We want to offer you a true-life experience, a safe place to achieve a deep rest, to live unforgettable moments and leave with memories that will stay with you forever. We work to become a destination where you can recharge yourself with positive energy and get rid of everything that does not allow you to be in harmony in your daily routine. 

The cultural wealth that surrounds us is manifested in each space of Tay Beach Hotel and its surroundings. To pay tribute to the indigenous cultures that share their territories and their wisdom with us, we decided to baptize the different areas and facilities of the hotel with indigenous words that we share with you below. You will find each word with its meaning: GLOSSARY: PEICO – Civilizing hero who came from the sea to teach them to work the earth, stone, gold and make cloth to wear. ALUNA – It refers to the cosmic consciousness, in which everything exists as ideas. Aluna is the mind within nature and means idea, consciousness, thought and essence. TEYUNA – Origin of the peoples of the Earth, it was a commercial and spiritual epicenter, the heart of a network of villages. NUHUÉ – Center of spiritual, political, and cultural meeting (which means world-house). KANKURUA – Ceremonial temple. SHIKWÁHALA – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (heart of the world) KWALAMA – Coexistence with everything, is the principle of balance and nutritional, material and spiritual well-being of the Kogui; it is balance with nature, with people and with oneself. GAUTEOVAN – Creator of the Sun and the Moon, the “mother of all things” to establish and maintain a cyclical order in the world. NUBÁKUE – Bird.


La riqueza cultural que nos rodea se manifiesta en cada espacio de Tay Beach Hotel y sus alrededores. Para hacer un homenaje a las culturas indígenas que comparten sus territorios y su sabiduría con nosotros, decidimos bautizar las diferentes zonas e instalaciones del hotel con palabras indígenas que a continuación compartimos contigo. Cada palabra la encontrarás con su respectivo significado:
PEICO – Héroe civilizador que llegó del mar para enseñarles a trabajar la tierra, la piedra, el oro y fabricar las telas para vestirse. ALUNA – Se refiere a la conciencia cósmica, en la cual todo existe como ideas. Aluna es la mente dentro de la naturaleza -y significa idea, conciencia, pensamiento y esencia. TEYUNA – Origen de los pueblos de la Tierra, fue un centro comercial y espiritual, el corazón de una red de aldeas. NUHUÉ – Centro de encuentro espiritual, político, y cultural (que significa mundo-casa). KANKURUA – Templo ceremonial. SHIKWÁHALA – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (corazón del mundo). KWALAMA – Convivencia con todo, es el principio de equilibrio y bienestar alimentario, material y espiritual de los Kogui; es equilibrio con la naturaleza, con las personas y con uno mismo. GAUTEOVAN – Creadora del Sol y la Luna, la “madre de todas las cosas” para establecer y mantener un orden cíclico en el mundo. NUBÁKUE – Ave.

Antecedents of traces and instruments used by ancient indigenous populations, which are still carried out today in Tayrona Park, a nature reserve located near Santa Marta and Buritaca, are one of the most precious and preserved strongholds in the department. Ready for all those who come to enjoy and immerse themselves in this culture.

Culture of care and preservation! As teaching of our indigenous ancestors and older brothers, we learned that we are infinitely privileged by this space and that everything that surrounds us is in a delicate balance. It is in our hands to take care of nature, animals and the community that are part of our environment. Just as it is also our responsibility to take care of our guests and transmit our values ​​and philosophy from a constant work of environmental awareness and pedagogy. We set ourselves the goal of promoting responsible and environmentally friendly tourism so that this natural jewel never loses its charm.

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